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What is SOB ordinance / conformance?
SOB ordinance, or Sexually Oriented Business ordinance, is up to each community to enforce. Many communities employ a two-pronged regulation that includes both a zoning ordinance and a licensing scheme. The zoning ordinances define in which particular areas, or zones, within the community SOBs are allowed to operate.

Licensing schemes relate to operational issues of the SOBs, and may include restrictions on who may actually own an establishment, the age requirements of those who may be employed or be patrons, the manner in which the SOBs must control access to the premises, and the hours of operation.

It is important to know that a community can regulate SOBs, but as established by City of Renton v. Playtime Theater, Inc. 475 U.S. 41 (1986), not actually ban SOBs. In addition, the Supreme Court has stated that SOBs fall under the First Amendment.

This means that if a club conforms to the current SOB ordinance, and does not unreasonably limit alternate avenues of communication (Renton), it cannot be forced to shut down, and any changes to the zoning ordinance or licensing scheme must take the club's existence into account.
In addition to an SOB ordinance, there may be other laws and regulations that affect the operation of a club.

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